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We are experts in assisting people who require a decision from the Court of Protection, whether it is obtaining the authority to manage a parent’s finances when they have advanced dementia or where there is a dispute between family members and the local authority as to where someone should live.

The Court of Protection makes decisions on behalf of people who lack the ability (mental capacity) to make decisions.

These issues can be very troubling; we will listen to your problems and offer you practical guidance on how we can help.

You may also have concerns about a loved one, who cannot speak for themselves, and whether the care they receive is in their best interests. For example, they may not be allowed to leave a nursing home. We can advise on what steps can be taken to ensure that actions are taken which are clearly in their best interests.

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Dispelling the myths of the Court of Protection

It’s a fair assumption that unless you’ve been involved in a case in the Court of Protection, you may never have heard of it. After all, the cases which are heard in the Court of READ MORE

Ridley & Hall shortlisted for leading legal awards on a national stage and here in Yorkshire

Ridley & Hall Shortlisted for Three Prestigious Awards  The firm has been shortlisted for the prestigious Law Society Excellence Awards 2016 in the category of Excellence in Business Development. Ridley & Hall Solicitors have developed a market READ MORE

Making “Bad” Decisions: Capacity and the Court of Protection

Think about some of the really important decisions that you have made throughout your life.  Have they all been really sensible and thought through?  Have you ever regretted a choice that you made? Our life choices READ MORE

Attorney Steals £30,000 from 95 year old Living with Dementia

In a recent judgment, a court has found that a 95 year old woman from Oldham with dementia was the victim of financial abuse by her niece’s husband, Colin. The woman, identified only as Alma was READ MORE

Dispute Over Control of Elderly Father’s Finances Ends up in Court

When family members disagree about who should look after the finances of their vulnerable relative, the court may be more inclined to appoint a professional to act as a deputy, as a recent Court of READ MORE

Woman Who Wanted Life to Sparkle Allowed to Refuse Medical Treatment

A woman who was allowed to refuse medical treatment, after having been found to have capacity to do so, has died. The woman, known only as C was the subject of court proceedings in the Court READ MORE

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